Gawain, The Wizard

Today’s cautionary tale centers around Gawain, a promising up and coming young wizard. In fact, anyone who wondered about how promising Gawain was could simply ask Gawain. Gawain sometimes would go on for hours about how his spells were more efficient than anyone else’s spells ever were. Gawain would boast to no end about the entire spell families that he created. These spell families were so powerful, for the safety of the land he had to keep them very secret. He could not show anyone what he had created, but he could at least tell you about them.

Slowly, Gawain made his way around the land. Anytime he would encounter another wizard he would question them to gauge their talent. Gawain, knew he was strong in his magical knowledge so it was very easy to completely dismiss any new information or viewpoints as wrong regardless of the wizards attempts to prove their accuracy to Gawain. Through months of multiple hour arguments, Gawain ignored the opinions and knowledge of every wizard in the land. Gawain was sure that this had made him the most powerful wizard in the land. For he believed that looking powerful was just as good as having the knowledge and experience to back it up. Gawain was shown the error of his ways by a similarly promising, up and coming dragon one day on his way home from the magic factory where he worked as an apprentice wizard.

Afterward, many other wizards gathered to look at the broken and formerly promising young wizard’s body. None of them felt bad about the events at all. Many of the other wizards proclaimed, “We would not have had a chance if the dragon destroyed a wizard as powerful as Gawain.”